Every month we present a demo-reel-long episode with fake commercials of invented or sometimes not invented products. We try to stick to 1 minute 50 seconds.

New exciting stories told as a collection of commercials with a conversational tone

This Podcast is Full of Ads (TPiFoA) is created by me, Alexander Kluge. I run naii.io and the YouTube channel „Supertramp Serenity ÷ Pan Tropilactica” as a creative outlet.

TPiFoA is where we have fun and experiment with demo reels as a medium. We like the constraints of 2 minutes and we want to make it fun without taking ourselves too seriously.

Let’s experiment together. If you have new product ideas (realistic or super fake) or a cool angle on how to write an ad for an existing product using humor, use our contact form to send us your idea.

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Each last Sunday of the month (starting in 2020), you get fake ads you wanna hear about products you would never buy…or maybe you would ;)

Bonus: Upon request do we feature voiceover artists by giving them a chance to read one of our original ad scripts.

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